Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payments can be made with the following credit cards:
– Visa
– Mastercard
– American Express

We also accept the following credit cards in the United States:
– Discover
– Diners Club
– Union Pay (when affiliated with Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
– Gift cards issued from credit card companies (Visa, Amex, etc.)
*A note on pre-paid gift cards: You can only charge the full balance or less. If you try to charge more than the amount on the card, it will be declined.

Are you the ones giving the tour?

We aren’t the activity or tour operators you meet in person. Our organization works as a concierge service that has selected the tours listed. We’ve partnered with some of the best that Maui has to offer.

What companies are you partnered with?

Here’s a rundown of companies in Maui that we’re currently working with (more islands and businesses on the way):
Hang Loose Surf Club
Holo Holo Maui Tours
Maui Escape Rooms
Maui Ocean Center
Maui Surfer Girls
Pacific Whale Foundation
Punakea Palms
Royal Lahaina Resort
Sail Maui

Who is FareHarbor?

FareHarbor is the booking platform we use in conjunction with the tour operators. On the bottom of the booking pages you might see “Powered by FareHarbor” on there.

In need of a bit more info? Email us or send us a message via our Contact Page.