Make this Simple Haku Lei You’ll Love

Make this Simple Haku Lei You’ll Love

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May Day is Lei Day! I love leis, especially fresh flower ones that are fragrant, colorful. Most importantly, they are a way to celebrate, show friendship, give honor, and share love.

A while back Moana was on repeat in our house. Honestly, I can’t complain though, because I loved singing along. Then I started following Haku Maui on Instagram and was loving all the stunningly beautiful fresh-flower haku leis they make. Seriously, they’re gorgeous and make me want to get married again, have a photoshoot, just something, as an excuse for my little and me to wear their amazing work!

With no plans on the horizon, I started scouring the web to find my next DIY project! I came across this adorable video by DIY with Ollie.

The video instructions seemed simple enough. However, I made a few tweaks based on what I had on hand. Instead of the cardboard base, I happened to have some stretchy sports headbands that were no longer in use. I liked that they could be stretchy enough for my daughter’s use (or my own). Also, in my box of random craft supplies I had pre-cut felt flowers and fake pearls.

Here are the instructions for a Hawaiian Crown of Flowers, aka a Haku Lei

DIY Haku Lei,
a Hawaiian Crown of Flowers

DIY project inspired by Hawai’i

What You’ll need


  • Cut green felt into four long strips. Then cut spear-shaped leaves, with one side flat. Be flexible with sizes, as they don’t need to be completely uniform.
  • Glue the bottom corners of the flat side of the spears to create a pinched effect. Do this with all the green felt to ensure they have dimension.
  • Glue the leaves to the sports headband. TIP: Put the headband on a piece of cardboard to ensure the surface doesn’t shift as you glue.
  • Glue flowers all the way around. Add any other little touches as you go.


  • If you have different colored flowers, go for it!
  • The more leaves the better. If a couple sheets of felt aren’t enough, keep at it!
  • I used my fake pearls to embellish the felt flowers.

Where would you wear your new Haku Lei? I’m thinking we’ll wear these for the next luau we go to!

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