Ono Spotlight: Yummy Tacos at Coconut’s Fish Cafe Kihei

Ono Spotlight: Yummy Tacos at Coconut’s Fish Cafe Kihei

Before heading out to eat we usually check websites or call restaurants to make sure they can accommodate children. Coconut’s Fish Cafe in Kihei was at the top of my list based on its proximity to our rental, to other stores to buy supplies from, and their reviews as a kid-friendly place.

Coconut’s is a casual, no-nonsense sort of place

It feels like a Rubio’s or Wahoo’s you’d go to on the mainland, but with a Maui-vibe. The surfboard tables remind you that you’re in Hawai’i!

A little too early for check-in after landing and picking up our rental car, we figured it’d be good to grab some lunch and supplies in Kihei before getting settled.

All the dishes we ordered were delicious

We love their famous cole slaw, served with their “Local Style Grilled Ono with lemon butter on brown rice.”

Coconut's Grilled Fish Plate

We also enjoy the Grilled Mahi-Mahi or Grilled Chicken Tacos on white corn tortillas

The staff is beyond friendly! They were kind and welcoming when we entered, offered suggestions, and asked if we needed anything for our baby. Said-baby made a bit of mess, spilling water and dropping a few French fries, before we left. As we were trying to pick up after ourselves the staff saw how frazzled we were. Exhausted after an already long day of catching a flight, entertaining a little one mid-air, and arriving, we were pretty slow-moving. They saw that and kindly told us they’d handle things.

We learned that there are a few California Coconut’s locations. When we’re in an area that has one we make it a point to go. When we miss the Maui we plan a visit to the closest Coconut’s Fish Cafe until our next trip.

Other family-friendly restaurants we love are Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea, Da Kitchen Express in Kihei, TINROOF / Maui (for take-out) in Kahului, Paia Fish Market in Paia, and Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop in Lahaina.

What are the family-friendly restaurants you love in Maui?

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