The Royal Stones Over ‘Alekoko

The Royal Stones Over ‘Alekoko

The Hawaiian Islands are enchanting, but did you know they’re forged with magic?

According to legend, a 5 foot high and 900-foot long lava rock wall in Kauai is the work of miniature people. Over a thousand years ago, the ali’i wanted to trap young fish from the Hueli’a River for their food. They requested help from mighty, master craftsman—the Menehune.

The mythical six-inch tall experts agreed to work, with only the following conditions:

1. Construction would begin at sundown, and end at sunrise.

2. Observing them at work is forbidden.

The princess and prince were a curious and mischievous pair. In the middle of the night they snuck out of their beds to an overlook to watch the Menehune. The royal siblings watched as lava rocks moved 25 miles and formed the dam to create the fishing ponds. As they tried to watch through the night, the pair fell asleep. Before sunrise, the Menehune discovered the sleeping siblings.

Upset their conditions were unmet, the Menehune retaliated. They left the dam incomplete, with two gaps, and used their magic to punish the royal siblings.

The Menehune disappeared into Hawaii’s caves and rainforests, vowing to hide from humans.

In the late 1800s, laborers filled in dam’s gaps with less intricate stonework. And, in the mountains overlooking the ‘Alekoko Fishpond, twin stone pillars stand.

Retelling of the Menehune Fishpond Legend in Kauai written for Content Marathon.

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